Special Sauce

It’s something of a food blogger invasion in Cambodia at present; more than one of us in the same country is a trend. Ex-expat and frequent revisitor Karen Coates is touring the countryside. Her recent grim observation on what makes Cambodian tuk trei that little bit different:

We recently visited a small fish-sauce operation near Battambang, and our tuk-tuk driver said he used to work for a similar factory.

“I know it’s not good. Sometimes the workers piss into the vats. The men, sometimes they’re lazy. They don’t go to the toilets.”


2 thoughts on “Special Sauce”

  1. Are you visiting BKK? I thought AB was going to Melbourne on Friday? I’m in BKK on Saturday for two weeks. Hard to keep up with all these comings and goings.

  2. I’ll be back to Melb in time for AB. I’m not going to make it to BKK – my flights go via KL. The trip was all pretty last minute – cheap flights came up, and so I decided to blow all of my leave in one fell swoop.

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