Angkor Extra Stout

Angkor Extra Stout
Brewer: Cambrew

Living in Cambodia is about being constantly surprised by everything that transpires around you. That Cambodians both manufacture and drink dark beers came as a small surprise. That they can do it well came as an even larger one. After trashing practically every cambodian beer I’ve imbibed purely for reasons of science, I had come to expect that the rest of the beers that I had left to review would fill me bewilderment and unease rather than surprise. I was wrong.

Cambrew says: Nothing. The 640ml bottle says alcohol by volume is 8%, and its contents are of “export quality”. As far as their website goes, Angkor Extra Stout does not exist.

I say: Toffee aroma on the inital pour without much head retention. Alcohol is well disguised behind excellent burnt malt flavour with a hint of chocolate. Slightly oily mouthfeel.

If this beer was one of James Brown’s hits, it would be: Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud

5 thoughts on “Angkor Extra Stout”

  1. I came across this tasty brew at a Khmer wedding party just the other day, I agree it was surprisingly good. (Not ‘Coopers Aged Stout’ good but good enough)

    How long have they been brewing this suff do you think??

    (What about a ‘Love Beer’ review?)

  2. Love Beer is definitely on the agenda. The last can of that I had tasted like they had substituted aluminium shavings for hops, but I’m wildly hoping that I just got an old can.

    I’ve got no idea how long Angkor Extra Stout has been around. I’m heading down to Sihanoukville soon, so I might see if I can get into the factory and find out.

  3. Love beer is nearly as bad as Jade Beer, where they seem to have just bottled water from the Tonle Sap, mixed in some water buffalo piss and found some idiot to try and sell it for them.

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