Bayon and Angkor Beer: Colonial Heritage Edition

Bayon Beer

Cambodian Beer Labels


A hand-illustrated beer label bestows the trappings of refinement even on Bayon Beer. It makes it look like the class of beer that you would savour on the balcony of Bokor Casino in its heyday while you watched the islands recede into the mist; contemplating which dinner suit you’d wear that evening.

While I was on the hunt for the dubious origin of Love Beer, I stumbled across Mick, a beer label collector who is on the lookout for Cambodian beer labels. He has posted his collection of 1960s-era Bayon and Angkor labels on his site (which he has kindly allowed me to reproduce) and would love to get in touch with any local or international collectors willing to trade in South East Asian labels. His firm belief is that Love Beer is from Indonesia and the “Singapore” on the can refers to the brewery. The mystery ensues.

For label-trading action and a tale of one collector’s heartbreak at the gates of the Cambodia Breweries cannery, see Mick’s website.


2 thoughts on “Bayon and Angkor Beer: Colonial Heritage Edition”

  1. love ya work phil.
    i was in the casino at bokor a few months ago and just sucked up the atmosphere.
    I had a piss standing on top of the wall where sad gamblers threw themselves off.I didn’t realise at the time that there was a pretty sheer drop of maybe 300 metres-crikey!

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