Palm Wine Spritzer

The hot cocktail for this coming hot season. First spotted in Kratie, but floating perilously downriver at dolphin-speed.

4 thoughts on “Palm Wine Spritzer”

  1. I think at the Star Bar: the photo wasn’t taken by me, so I’m a little short on details.

    What other sort of dolphin is floating downstream these days?

  2. Have you tried “Cambodian Beer”??? (a very sparkling low alcoholic palm wine, a bit sweet, in a bottle that looks like Heineken’s)

    It is a very delighfull beverage, with strong aromas of vinegar and spoiled fruits, very very sour attack, very tart end. To me it tastes like old bread starter. Amazing. The great thing with palm juice or wine is that as soon as it is pasterized or sterilized it catches this great taste of rotten egg. I inherited 96 bottles. My life is a nightmare.

  3. I have tried “Cambodian Beer” under the pretense that it was more “beer” than “Cambodian”. Did the person you inherited the bottles from die from drinking the first four of the hundred?

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