Steve, the quality drops

Only the most jaded expat would name their water product Steve and place
such an outrageously poor pun on the bottle. I fail to believe that this a translation error. This is an act of unadulerated malice against some poor
reverse osmosis facility in Toul Kork.

Location: From a fruit juice/soda seller in Russian Market.
I’ve never seen it anywhere else.

Addendum (27/01/2005): I almost ran into a Steve Water delivery van on my motorbike today; so moved I was with my own incredulity. Obviously, it has a wider distribution than I first thought.

5 thoughts on “Steve, the quality drops”

  1. We got this water in Juliana Hotel in Phnom Penh. I have been distributing a similar photo to yours to all my colleagues named, or working with, anyone called Steve!

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