Ever dreamt of owning a piece of colonial Kep?


Since March 2004, a group of foreign investors has rehabilitated what is most likely THE most historically valuable and charming piece of real estate on the Cambodian seaside. As of April 2006, it is 90% complete, the old mansion turned into a restaurant, bar and reception; scattered in the 1,3 ha (3,33 acres) park are 14 cottages offering 17 luxurious rooms for guests. Infrastructure has been designed and executed following international standards.

The disappearance of project’s founder has now forced the owners to offer it for sale. None of them can operate the projected eco-touristic resort.

I was looking forward to this restaurant opening because from the building alone, it was shaping up as an excellent counterpoint to eating a cheap crab meal in dodgier surrounds. You’ve never really experienced the true joy of operating a business in Cambodia until a key element of it goes missing.

Looking to buy? see: www.hedonkep.com

One thought on “Ever dreamt of owning a piece of colonial Kep?”

  1. I have dreamed of kep for many years.I finally got there in june this year and had a gander at this property which is for sale on the net for a stupid price.
    I also looked at many of the ruined art deco houses which one could reno for about 25 grand i reckon,once the squatters had been removed.
    However once I got to snooky i quickly forgot about kep,despite it’s history and ambience.
    Why did those stupid french do so much building around kep when there was snooky up the road?
    I would love to see colour photos of kep in it’s heyday however,those houses must have been awesome.

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