Bring the noise

While newspaper Cambodia Daily’s coverage of the local food scene over the last two years has amounted to the occasional mention of a stout-drinking monkey or the carnivorous habits of Ratanakiri’s recent “jungle woman”, today they’ve atoned and inserted a 12-page full-colour wining and dining supplement packed full of original content. The coverage is as diverse as Cambodia’s dining scene: fresh mangoes, fish amok, the desserts from Raffles, local sommeliers and winery, ribs in Battambang, Swedish in Sihanoukville, vegetarian faux-meats, akao (with comment from “pastry chef” Joannes Riviere), and an interview with me about Phnomenon. Thanks to Suzy Khimm for the article (also read her latest piece over at Slate), Nathan Horton for the photo of me grinning deliriously into my 1500 riel bowl of num banchok from Psar Orussei.

I would provide a link to the supplement for the 95% of my readers who don’t have access to the Cambodia Daily but the Daily hasn’t quite caught onto Internet publishing yet.

There’s also an interview with me over at Jaunted today, where I was asked to recommend five things not to do in Phnom Penh and supply alternatives. I recommend against pilseners, The Killing Fields, only eating amok, The Lake, and expecting your motodop to know his way around Phnom Penh.

Only one person has commented on my obvious pretensions so far which is well below average whenever I use the words “poststructuralist” or “Klang Stout”. Month one of New Year’s resolution is now on track.

4 thoughts on “Bring the noise”

  1. Good on you Phil.

    I am so sorry that you had to be associated with that know it all Jo but what would a “pastry chef'”know, so crass with his frenchy woman anatomy remarks, he sounds so sleazy.

    I wouldn’t trust that guy. He probably was in on helping that monkey drink stout as well.

    Sounds like he probably sits around some expat bar drinking eau-de-vie or eaux-de-vie (the plural I believe), telling tourists how he can sleep without air conditioning in the hot season.

    Anyway congratulations.

  2. Thumbs up. Well done.

    Would love to see that piece in the Cambodia Daily. Maybe the Daily let you release it in a week or two?

    PS. I carried many bags of num banchok from psar o’russey back to my hotel room when I was in PP. delicious.

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