Luxe does Cambodia (and Laos)

Suddenly unable to differentiate between two entire nations and a single city, Luxe City Guides have just released a guide concatenating Cambodia and Laos. The official guide of the Wallpaper* set has obviously decided that these two nations do not have enough opulence to fill their requisite two A4 sides of $9 folding guidebook.

I was hoping to pitch for Luxe’s Phnom Penh next time I was out of work, but it looks like I’ve missed that boat full of luxury cash.

See: Luxe City Guides at Amazon.

6 thoughts on “Luxe does Cambodia (and Laos)”

  1. Great! – so if I pick up a copy I’ll know where to pick up a few designer togs next time I’m in PP? I just hate travelling anywhere that doesn’t allow me to add to my Versace collection. 😉

  2. I picked up a copy over lunch and had to resist the urge to drop it into the local book pirater so that they’d be available for a tenth of the price at Russian Market by the weekend.

    If I get a chance I’ll review it over the weekend. From my quick scan, it doesn’t contain many great surprises.

  3. hey there phil,

    we’re in bangkok now, give us a holla next time your in town and we can hook you up with some serious thai food, not the play stuff

  4. I build the things that interiors designers draw-what a bunch of wankers they are.
    All the tradesmen hate interior designers,they are the vainest and most useless people on the planet.
    An article like this only confirms our beliefs.

  5. Ah Michael, if only I had occasion to wear such duds. Unfortunately I’d feel a bit out of place slurping a bowl of beef ball noodles in one of Romyda’s lovelies.

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