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Phnom Penh is blessed with a handful of good secondhand bookstores which have managed to allay my initial fear in Phnom Penh that I would run out of anything worthwhile to read. Chea Sopheap, Cambodia’s only nuclear physicist fanboy and owner of Bohr’s Books gets profiled in today’s Telegraph (UK)

“I started from zero. I left my job and spent my time buying book stocks here and there from leaving expats with savings made over the previous three years. I built up a stock of about 600 titles at home. I opened my own second-hand bookshop two years ago, and now I have 4,000 titles in stock.”

While on the marginally food-related subject of literature, Bohr’s worthy rival, D’s Books has a grand sale this weekend.

2 thoughts on “On Literature”

  1. I was impressed by the book shops in cambodia.To see a bookshop amongst the bars and restaurants in siem riep was a revelation.
    The cheapo books for sale on the street were also very political and I recommend that everyone should read “sideshow” by william shawcross to understand the grief that we caused these people.

  2. Ever notice that you can’t buy volume three of ‘History of Cambodia’ _in_ Cambodia? The Thai publisher used a few technical tricks to defeat photocopy bandits in the most recent edition.

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