Siem Reap is the next Las Vegas

Siem Reap, the increasingly popular base for visitors to Angkor Wat, is beginning to feel a little like the Las Vegas of Cambodia, with one showy hotel after another being built along the highway into town. (Is it just a matter of time before the signature of Steve Wynn graces the skyline?)

Stuart Emmerich from the New York Times rounds out his Cambodian sojourn with both a review of Siem Reap’s Hôtel de la Paix and another peculiar geographic simile. Siem Reap would be much like Las Vegas if most Las Vegans began living a rice-based subsistence lifestyle in one of the poorest provinces in the nation. At least this time, he ate some Cambodian food at:

…Meric: a seven-course Khmer tasting menu, which features such dishes as stir-fried pork with ginger (superb), braised bar fish with palm sugar and green mango (an acquired taste) and “assorted Khmer sweets” (not very sweet).

He was also thwarted in his attempt to buy a non-alcoholic beer in the kindest possible way.

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2 thoughts on “Siem Reap is the next Las Vegas”

  1. if siem reap is the new las vegas and phnom penh is the new prague I wonder which city takes the dubious title of being the new siem reap or the new phnom penh?

    Bourgainville? Kabul? Baghdad?

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