Instant karmic penance

Water Festival

For brutally slagging off Water Festival, I received a brutal cold which disabled my palate for the last week. The upside was that I did spend some time in Phnom Penh for the Water Festival atoning for my sardonicism and despite the excess of public relievers about town, it was amusing. The locals should be proud for running a festival that brings an overwhelming number of people into Phnom Penh with so little violence, and as far as I know, only one shooting that was the direct result of public urination. The crowd that strolled the length of Sisowath Quay on Phnom Penh’s riverfront (above) remained in a jovial mood throughout.

Water Festival

Ministry of Tourism barge illuminates the crowd.

Steamed bun vendor at water festival

Inanimate num pao (steamed pork bun) vendor plies his wares to an inattentive crowd.

4 thoughts on “Instant karmic penance”

  1. i was there last yr. (btw love ur blog) the amount of garbage produced after the festival disappears nicely by the next morning. the king must be proud.

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