Made by small hands

Roadside bread seller near Sihanoukville, Cambodia

I am always reluctant about taking photographs of children even though they play an integral part in the production, sale and capture of Cambodian food. In part, it’s a consent issue. Partly, it is because I don’t find children interesting and don’t want to despoil my camera of valuable bytes with them. Thankfully, there are more nuanced approaches to capturing kids at work, such as the upcoming exhibit by Jerry Redfern, the other half of Rambling Spoon. He is exhibiting his shots of working Cambodian children, opening at 6:30 pm, 10 February 2007 at Le Popil Gallery in Phnom Penh. Sneak preview at his website.

Above shot is mine, from a roadside stop on the outskirts of Sihanoukville.

Addendum (7 February 2007): “Jerry Coates” is actually named Jerry Redfern. Karen Coates is not to be confused for “Karen Redfern“, the Brazilian squash superstar. Ahoy there, factual accuracy.

4 thoughts on “Made by small hands”

  1. You’ve made the Prime Rambler a happy woman. For years she has suffered through Christmas cards, etc. addressed to Karen Redfern. I’m happy the name switch can for once honestly reflect who sports the leather in Redcoates Land (Full disclosure: I am distinctly less than half of RS).
    And, truly, thanks for the plug for the exhibit. It looks to be shaping up nicely. Come one, come all!

  2. and how do you even know they are actually children? Paul used to have a chef who was over 20 and would work during her weekends pretending to be a child around angkor wat, selling souvineirs to tourists….

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