USA Donuts

USA Donuts

It was only a matter of time before a Cambodian returned from the USA with a head full of dreams and belly full of deep-fried rings o’ lard. With the opening of USA Donuts, the Californian-Cambodian cruller csardom has spread its greasy wings back to the homeland.

The insides of the store are literally identical to your average American Mom-and-Pop donut shop: wide selection of donuts behind plexiglass counter, cheap furniture, terrible coffee waiting tepidly in vacuum flasks on the counter. Unlike your average USA lard ring vendor, you can buy a taro-flavoured thickshake as well as a variety of other American junk foods. They serve fried chicken, but no sign yet of the elusive chicken and waffles.

After a small amount of confusion as to which of the seven women behind the counter worked there, I ordered one of the plain yeast rings, a chocolate-iced cake donut and a cup of their coffee from the vacuum flask dispenser (2500 riel). Of the three blends of coffee, I went for “Cambodian” flavour and to my surprise, it didn’t taste like either kroueng or prahok. Neither donut was too lardy and if you happened to catch the yeast ring coming fresh from the oven, it would be a fairly close match to Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed.

USA Donuts

For those of you rendered incapable of leaving your abode, USA Donuts will deliver by the dozen in the Phnom Penh area.

Location:No.15, St 136, Phnom Penh

7 thoughts on “USA Donuts”

  1. None of that stuff here in Saigon :) Amazingly, I guess for a westerner, the only donut joint I’ve ever eaten in is in Yangon, Burma. Wasn’t as crap I expected either.

    BTW – I spotted the turf that the new tapas joint in Saigon will occupy. It’s a prime plot on the site of an… errr… ex-‘funhouse’.

  2. Hey Phil

    congrats on the google ads – you go boy!

    SR just got its first Dairy Queen situated at the brand spanking new SR International Airport.

  3. Atten: Chanay of USA Donuts this AL Hunt the African American we met about a month or so ago and I came in and had breakfast one day and we got to talking about doing business, you wanted me to order goods for you from Sam”s Club and look for you brand name prefume and goods from China I was telling you about this friend that I had in China that was doing business, and you said that you were intersted, so I’m getting back with you too see if you are still intersted in still doing business, if you are please get back too me as soon as possilbe, my email addressis and my home numberis 313-585-3028

  4. I wanted to leave a note for you with my contact information regarding buying bulk US goods at a large discount. We spoke briefly today regarding some products and I have put together information for you and can send it to you in Cambodia but I would like to set up a meeting the next time you will be in California to go over everything. Please contact me at

  5. hello! i am writting from Spain and i was thinking about the chance of open a donut franquise here so i required some information about this bussiness in order to link us , i will wait your answer , thanks

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