Cambodian Ministry of Tourism welcomes food tourists

Tourist season seems to be hotting up in Phnom Penh, or at least, more people seem to be wearing daypacks and standing on street corners, ineffectively using their Lonely Planet to swat at the emergent swarm of informal motorcycle-taxi drivers. The Cambodian Ministry of Tourism, realising that Cambodian food may attract tourists rather than repel them has added a few recipes to their website. From their fish amok instructions:

  • Break the coconut fruit, squeeze the nut to get its milk by making the phase-one milk and phase-two milk
  • Cut the ripe bell pepper into two
  • Pour half of the phase-one coconut milk into a frying pan to cook until it turns a litter brown
  • Then, put into the pan the spices and the mash mixture, and stir it up
  • Add the phase-two milk and turn off the cooking gas after the solution becomes cooked and dry enough

In this instance, a Cambodian ministry’s heart is in the right place, but their translator’s mind isn’t.

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5 thoughts on “Cambodian Ministry of Tourism welcomes food tourists”

  1. That is brilliant. If not somewhat technical.

    Hope all is well? Coming to BKK anytime soon?

    We would love to see you here.

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