Bluffer’s Guide to Phnom Penh Restaurants

One of the most frequent emails that land in my inbox is the “I’m coming to Phnom Penh, where should I eat?” question. I hate recommending restaurants to people when I don’t know them, but it does seem to be the question everybody does ask. To save me venting my hatred in a shirty reply email, instead here are my top 13 places to eat in town with map. It’s subjective. If you ask me why your favourite restaurant didn’t make the cut, the answer is you are not me.

Print it on some cardboard, fold into quarters, and pretend you’re a Luxe Guide-wielding opulence junkie.

Phnom Penh Restaurant Guide (700K PDF)

4 thoughts on “Bluffer’s Guide to Phnom Penh Restaurants”

  1. Are you going to pass the Cambodian fod blog torch on to anyone? Perhaps you should open it up to Cambodian food contributors with you as moderator of course…it just such a shame to see it go…I don’t think I’m ready to let it go

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