Banned in China

Sensing the imminent threat that Cambodian food poses to the one party system, the PRC Government banned Phnomenon in mainland China this morning. They must have taken umbrage to the statement that I made a few days ago that “democracy does not work“.

As the Cantonese say, 背脊向天,都可以食.

8 thoughts on “Banned in China”

  1. Silly censors. Chinese readers know umpteen ways around firewalls.

    Fortunately the Cambodian government has been much more sensible, at least up ’til now. I worry about the day the Ministry Wives Club takes umbrage at the internet.

  2. I would not worry too much about it Phil, it is just the website.

    Personally I am not allowed back in the whole city of Bratislava due to an unfortunate incident involving a bottle of the local vodka, the Mayor’s daughter, a trampoline and a Tahitian ukulele.

    Oddly enough, the Chi-Com’s have yet to ban me?

  3. I’m not worried at all – Blogspot, Typepad and Wikipedia were banned in China a while ago, so at least I’m amongst good company. Most Cambodian blogs with free hosts probably wouldn’t be accessible in China either, without Chinese users bypassing their local proxies.

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