KFC is coming to Cambodia

Along with bringing ATMs to Cambodia and destruction to the Bassac Theatre in Phnom Penh, Kith Meng’s Royal Group is set to unleash Kentucky Fried Chicken on an unsuspecting Phnom Penh in a new joint venture, according to the Malaysian Star.

QSR Brands Bhd is expanding its restaurant business under the KFC brand to Cambodia.

The first outlet is expected to be operational in Phnom Penh by year-end, said chairman Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim during a press conference to announce the new venture Thursday.

The group plans to open four outlets initially in the capital as well as in major towns. This would be followed by two new restaurants every year.

So is the era of Cambodia being (virtually) free from international chain restaurants truly over?

12 thoughts on “KFC is coming to Cambodia”

  1. Well, it won’t be the only international chain – there’s the Dairy Queen at the airport, and they’re also building a Swensen’s ice cream franchise in the Sorya mall (just to the left as you enter the main door). But I agree – KFC is in a whole different class.

    – Michael

  2. There was a Pizza Hut (same Yum! Brands overlord as KFC) in the Hong Kong Center across from the Vietnamese Monument in the mid-late 90’s – but -OOPS- it was forced to change it’s name when Yum! filed a WTO suit (an unintended consequence of Cambodia joining that august body). Hence Pizza Hot. I guess a can of paint was cheaper than a franchise license.
    Is that still there?

  3. Pizza Hot broefly changed it’s name to “Pizza House” before closing – I think that you can still see the sign painted on it.

    My favorite is still BB World previously using an upside down McDonalds “M” for the “W” on World.

  4. There are 3 KFCs now – Monivong, Norodom and Sovanna Mall.

    Also 3 Swensons in Phnom Penh and 4 Pizza Company.

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