Menu Weirdness in Battambang

Teo Hotel in Battambang not only features an inappropriately encyclopedic menu ranging from pizza to hamburgers to Thai classics, but also plays host to some of the strangest menu translations available in the whole of Cambodia.

Next time I’m up north, I’ll be devoting my meal time to all kinds of on fire.

8 thoughts on “Menu Weirdness in Battambang”

  1. Bismi, of Sydney Rd. Melbourne offers ‘plaster roti’. Not the Parisian variety but simlpy roti ‘plastered with egg’. Yet to try the Milo roti. And the condensed milk one. Shall remedy that soon.

  2. Kokoro (who I’ve reviewed previously) has “shrimp with chilly source” on the menu, but I didn’t bring the camera. Homonyms are the traditional bane of the non-English speaker.

  3. Haven’t seen prahok as “rotting fish”. Normally it gets translated as either “fish cheese” or “Cambodian cheese” which I think is spot on.

  4. Ha! I saw the Salad Binladen and I knew immediately it was the T.E.O. — some of the funniest menu items I’ve ever seen. On many occasions, I’ve wanted to try all kinds of thing on fire, but haven’t had the heart or the stomach.

    The fried morning glory, however, was excellent.

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