Phnom Penh delivery menus: Antisocial expatriates rejoice!

Fresh from the Ministry of “I wish I’d thought of this first” , Cambodia Pocket Guide has just made every housebound expats’ dreams a reality and started publishing delivery menus for their various advertisers around Phnom Penh.

Current online offerings include:

Cambodia’s Yellow Pages also contains a food delivery section – only the first thirty or so listings marked with a star have menus for take away/delivery.

One thought on “Phnom Penh delivery menus: Antisocial expatriates rejoice!”

  1. Being the ‘laziest man in Phnom Penh’ myself, I have already collected menus, take away menus and delivery menus from many places in Phnom – a lot of their phone numbers are already in my phone, in fact, Freebird is on speed dial, along with Sher-E-Punjab.

    Still, good news for those more sociable than me !

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