Icecream Sandwich on Wheels

There is an icecream vendor that plies his wares somewhere near my house at about 5:00 am each morning. I know this because he deploys the most common tactic to sell icecream in Phnom Penh: playing a garish electronic ringtone version of the Lambada. The process by which the Forbidden Dance came to be associated with mobile Cambodian icecream vendors is another story, a story that the pictured icecream vendor, Cheourn, couldn’t begin to answer because he uses the less sexy method of ringing a handheld bell to attract customers. Since Hun Sen placed the kibosh on broadcasting sexiness late last year, Cheourn’s more conservative approach is justified.

icecream sandwich

The icecream itself is made primarily from sweetened condensed milk and the block of cake surrounding it is carved from the same sort of rubbery foam from which they used to make Muppets, until the puppeteers began contracting a new form of hand cancer. Next time I’ll have a go at the sweet bread roll instead.

7 thoughts on “Icecream Sandwich on Wheels”

  1. I’ve had numbers like this in Nha Trang and Saigon. Bread and ice-cream equals chalk and cheese.
    Give me a cone any day!

    Liking your blog a lot! Finally had a gander just now.

  2. Cheers. I’m a pretty big fan of Stickyrice myself – I’ll have to add it to my currently anemic list of blogs.

    On the icecream front, I’ve also seen a few carts serving waffles instead of cake/bread in the past month which is an interesting development. I’ll have to keep track of it.

  3. The Thai version of that ice cream is made from coconut; the Khmer is not the same? The bread in Thailand is a real bread roll, making it a real ice cream sandwich!

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