Meatporn to go on st 432

Dirty roadside meatporn

At about 5:00pm every day, the intersection of street 432 and 163 jams up with both traffic and the smell of barbecuing flesh. This stand does chickens: whole, pieces, heads, feet, and heart or liver kebabs; a few fatty barbecue cuts of pork; and whole quail thrown in for good measure. All grilled over the hot coals and dished up steaming hot into a polystyrene clamshell.

Taste the secret.

I wasn’t in the mood for fowl, so I went for a short rack of pork ribs, beautifully caramelised; served with a take-away pack of limes, salt, pepper, weak chili sauce, Vietnamese coriander (chee krassang tomhom(?)) and a stubby cucumber (3000r). There’s not even the vainest attempt at having seats: so get your meat and try and negotiate a path through the traffic home before your food congeals.

Location: Corner of street 432 and 163, close to Russian Market. You’ll see the smoke signal from about 3pm weekdays and keeps charring until the flesh is sold.

5 thoughts on “Meatporn to go on st 432”

  1. Ah yes, that barbequed pork is a lazy mans life safer when the wife is away. Am not so keen on the chicken from those vendors, but the pork is usually very good. A couple of stalls on Monivong, just south of Sihanouk, often have duck as well, but it can be a bit hit and miss.

  2. Playboy,

    I’m pretty keen on eating my way up Monivong. I had a grand plan to eat at every place from Hua Nam just south of Mao Tse Toung until I got to Kampuchea Krom, but that has fallen by the wayside for the moment.

  3. Admin – that could take a long time !

    Plus a lot of it would get very repetitive.

    I prefer to mix it up as much as possible, Khmer on a Monday, Western on a Tuesaday, and an Indian on a Friday night – or something like that :-)

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