Trendspotting: Steamed Corn

Corn at Russian Market

Two new trends spotted this wet season in Phnom Penh: firstly, the practice of flying cheap fluorescent kites near the Independence Monument, sold by cyclo-borne vendors. Secondly, there seems to be an increase in the number of steamed corn carts. I’m positive that these two trends are interrelated, possibly some sort of kite/kernel dumping scam. I’m also sure that the kites will be banned when Hun Sen gets tired of people crashing them into the roof of his nearby villa. Most corn sellers around the Russian Market serve the steamed corn sans-topping but a daring few also seem to be market testing chilli sauce and the classic grey onion sauce.

4 thoughts on “Trendspotting: Steamed Corn”

  1. Be ware of the fare from those ‘steamed’ corn carts… have a chat with that vendor one day and ask her how she cooks the cob so quickly. Don’t be surprised if battery acid forms part of the recipie…

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