Cambodian Signs

Cambodian hand-painted signs from the provinces – my current minor non-food obsession.

Addendum (12 April 2007): If you can’t see the fancy photo thing above, the signs are available in my Cambodian sign flickr set.

7 thoughts on “Cambodian Signs”

  1. Hey Phil

    Very cool display (very Chez Pim).

    I am sure I read a few years back about an international (probably France?) gallery somewhere holding an exhibition about Khmer handpainted shop signs?

    I always regret not buying one when I was living in Cambodge.

    I especailly like the man with the moustache

  2. I too love the moustache guy. My inamorata gave me a sign that says “buying all kinds of moto” with a chaly on it for my birthday, but I’m tempted to get the moustache guy copied as well.

  3. I think I figured out most of them but am unsure about the painting one…is it an art studio, art gallery, or a scenic spot where it’s so beautiful you have to paint?! 😉

  4. Rasa – Both the painting ones are for a sign painter. They’re opposite sides of the same sign. He was located in downtown Anlong Veng, up on the Thai border.

  5. I take sporadic shots whenever I can – another reason I want to shell out for a camera-phone. You never know when you’re going to spot an awesome one.

    There was also a book published about a year back.

    I love this stuff, maybe we should set up a Flickr group specifically for Khmer signs? (*After* the New Year.)

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