For Sale: Vespa PX150 – $350

Vespa PX150

Note: The vespa has been sold. Sorry.

Manual, four-speed, kick start. Only 42,000km on the odometer before it was permanently disconnected. I haven’t seriously crashed it in two years, so comes with good Vespa karma, also top box, basic tools (pliers, tyre/sparkplug iron, screwdriver), spare clutch cable, spare spark plug, half a litre of 2-stroke oil. Overall, it’s in poor condition – rust on the frame, badly damaged paintwork, original Vespa and Dell’Orto parts from 1979, troublesome gear shift – which is why I’m selling it this cheaply. I’ve maintained it regularly with Kim Hong Vespa Shop.

I’m not going to send it anywhere, so this is only applicable to people in Phnom Penh. If you’re interested, email me at

2 thoughts on “For Sale: Vespa PX150 – $350”

  1. Phil,

    How many times do I have to say it?

    “scooters are for girls !?!”

    That aside, on the new look khmer440 I have started a new series that you might be interested in, Khmer recipies.

    Is the first one, I have another 8 or 9 already written up and translated, we should be publishing one a week.

    Will be having another 7 or 8 written up and translated next month, so the series should run for quite a while.


    Lord Playboy

  2. Good work on the recipes. I’ve had a friend’s mum teaching me a whole lot of soups over the last few weeks – in return, I’m teaching her to make pizza. Just doing my bit to speed up cultural destruction.

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