8 thoughts on “I can see Angkor Wat from here”

  1. what the fuck

    Anyway Phil thanks so much for the Google Map update, the Khmer staff are shitting bricks over how cool it is to do 360 spins around your place of work or favourite karaoke joint.

    Does someone from Google contact you about such things because you are such a bloggy sell out or is it just from absolute computer nerdom on your behalf that you know such things?

  2. No, I’m not important enough for google to contact me directly, so it’s mostly nerdom on my behalf. Google Maps Mania does a much better job than me at staying up to date on the things people do with Google maps like mapping running with the bulls injuries or putting every junk food chain restaurant in America on a map.

    I’m looking forward to when somebody tells Hun Sen that everybody can take a look around his backyard to see where he parks the helicopter. In fact, I’ll hand-deliver a six-pack of your choice of Klang to your home or other designated drop point in Phnom Penh if you can tell me where it is.

  3. His Phnom Penh villa at Independence Monument, or the place in Takeo where he feeds political oppopnents and upity ex-police chiefs to the alligators?

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