Phnomenon 2.0

Last week my inamorata was away for a few days and so I did what any red-blooded man in Phnom Penh does when their significant other is out of town: I learnt some more Cascading Style Sheets. What this means for you: Phnomenon now looks like my original design. Features include:

  • Bigger, shinier Chaly!
  • Angkor Wat: still mortally offensive.
  • Smooth 80% vector logo
  • No more ads on the front page.

If you’re particularly interested, I was originally inspired by – so much so that I ruthlessly stole his font styling. Sorry, Derek. I like the idea of having some sort of visual reward at the bottom of the page to recompense readers for scrolling down that far. I was also a little tired of the “Web 2.0” look that is taking over the internet at the moment. It’s going to date quicker than the term “Web 2.0“.

There is still a few things to sort out, but I promise I won’t talk about design again and get back to the food. Really.

See also: Web 2.0 logo generator.

6 thoughts on “Phnomenon 2.0”

  1. Um, I must be part of the ‘Web 2.0’ design craze because I have absolutely no idea what anything in this post means. Looks good, though.

  2. More beer reviews are on their way, and also fish. I took a photo a while ago of a Mittweida beer advertisement which features a bikini-clad woman drinking a Mittweida on a beach, through a straw. Somebody had obviously photoshopped in the can of beer over the top of a bad 80s soda commercial. Some jokes write themselves.

    There are also about ten flavours of Spy wine cooler to be covered, which I actually think should be pronounced “Spice”. One of my friends described the “red wine” flavour as “manly”. I have no idea what this means but it fills me with terror.

    AJ – Favicon is go. 256 pixels of black and white just for you.

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