Quick Melbourne Roundup

If you want to know why the blogging has been slow over the past few weeks: I’ve been in Australia for weddings, returning via Singapore and then Bangkok thanks to JetstarAsia being shithouse. Those of you paying forensic attention will notice that the background of the Chocolate Flavour Collon shot is in fact the floor of the departure terminal at Pochentong Airport. I haven’t indulged in much Cambodian food as such, but a whole lot of cheese, lamb, and bottom-fermented ales.

On the Melbourne bar scene, Manchuria has taken over the old Chez Phat space and fitted it out as an opium den, substituting iniquity for a rampaging cocktail list and a wide selection of whiskeys. Thanks to them, I discovered that one of my favorite Melbourne brewers, 3 Ravens is now bottling and widely available. In new bar trends, Section 8 (pictured below) has taken the a piece of wharfside streetside, turning a space that you could easily mistake for a carpark into a space that you could still easily mistake for a carpark. Artifice is the new subterfuge.

Section 8 Container Bar, Melbourne, Australia

As for Cambodian food, Melbourne’s best Khmer restaurant, Bopha Devi has also opened a new outlet in the Docklands. Next time I’m back and my cash situation is liquid, I’ll drop by to review their $24 amok trei.

5 thoughts on “Quick Melbourne Roundup”

  1. Poor Bopha Davi. She might start hip hop if she sees such a shity menu. The few cambodian restaurants we have in France always take great care of being the worst ambassador of Khmer food.

  2. I didn’t fare so luckily during my student days in Melbs.
    http://www.qdcomic.com/index/oz_food.htm Fortunately Beer is Food.

    To cater to a wide crowd, I’d find Vietnamese, Chinese, and Khmer all on the same menu – or store front. When the Cambodian community gets together it’s usually at Maryhoa (Chinese) in Springvale. I see the same in Long Beach, as the Cambodian population disperses and diversifies there’s a lot less traditional Khmer food to be had.

    I guess the local counterpart of Bopha Devi restaurant would be an ‘upscale’ place like Malis? With a name like that it’s begging for critique.

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