Reports of my death greatly exaggerated

Preah Khan, Siem Reap

Sorry about the writing hiatus, I escaped Phnom Penh for a few days over Pchum Benh: the Buddhist religious holiday wherein you offer food at seven temples to sate the bloodlust of your undead relatives, lest they return to wreak unholy vengeance upon the living. Or something along those lines. I managed to fit in some impressive ruin visiting (pictured above/below) and eating some equally impressive food.

Normal service will resume soon, with a bit of non-Phnom Penh content.

Preah Khan, Siem Reap

2 thoughts on “Reports of my death greatly exaggerated”

  1. Thanks for the explanation of Pchum Benh! I was in Siem Reap last weekend, and EVERYONE was flocking to leave offerings at the temples. Pretty crazy, and I’ve now seen enough whole roasted pigs to last me the rest of m life.

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