Welcome to the tastiest year, pigs.

Sait chrouk aing

Gong xi fa cai.

Last Chinese New Year, I made a few limited and achievable resolutions for Phnomenon..

This Year of the Pig I only have one: achieve global respectability for Cambodian food.

So as well as writing on the web, this year I’m crossing over into the mainstream press. Expect Cambodian food to be coming to a newspaper or magazine near you. Also, this will be the last year of this website (at least, the last year that it will be updated with any frequency from Cambodia) and I want to end it on a note of unfulfilled desire.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the tastiest year, pigs.”

  1. Welcome to the mainstream but its a shame this will be the last year. It’s strange that the future has its feet firmly planted in the past. And i also am leaping further forwards 9or backwards) in this respect!

  2. You can do that to me! I just started reading a couple of weeks ago, in one afternoon I read all your posts (well most)…this morning I subscribed to your rss feed, and this is what I get. What am I going to do now. There is no certainty to life. I’m going to have to end it…

    Really I’ve found phnomenon.com very inspiring. I love your humor. Will you be writing for The Age?

  3. You are a fine ambassador of Khmer cuisine

    You should really get a cape and a mask

    You shall be known as

    “Super K”


    even better

    “Special K”

    Fighting evil doers, like dumb ass writers from the NYT and the likes and delivering meat packs where ever your tricked out Chaly will take you.

    It seemed like only yesterday that you only had a few readers who would harass you for more beer reviews

    Let us know of your future writings

    Thanks for all the laughs!


  4. Ed – you’re confusing.

    Simon – It’s not ending immediately and I like writing on the web too much to ever stop. There’s a good year of writing about Cambodian food ahead of me. The Age? Yes, if I can pitch them something decent. And I’ll be starting another website, most likely about food, as soon as Phnomenon ends. Ultimately, I don’t want to water down this site and make it about “food in Cambodia, and then wherever else I go”.

    Gutbomb – I’m already wearing my underwear on the outside. And on the subject of evil, I’m about to review Spy Classic.

  5. Phil, you are right I am confusing especially with my poor, too rushed typing. I meant it’s a shame that this blog will end but i see its not too bad as another will start. My other jumbled words meant to say that it’s funny how people who blog – the new growth medium – are being drawn to the declining old media.

  6. It is a strange paradox that the same people who are killing the old media are the ones also propping it up with fresh content.

    As for the next move: my plans are not yet set.

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